Absolutely. For complete beginners, we have perfected our tryout process so that you get the one on one attention that you deserve and need for what is required without any fear of intimidation or injuries. By coming to class on a consistent basis, your cardio and endurance will improve as you spend more time on the mats. We have a very systematic basic curriculum that we employ our instructors to work with you on upon your first couple of weeks to months to ensure the retention of knowledge and practical application to gain the most out of what BJJ can do for you.

All you need is a gi and a belt. If you are a seasoned practitioner but don’t have a gi, we have them for sale or rental. Other optional equipment includes mouth guards and rashguards which we highly recommend. For women, it’s suggested that you bring sportswear similar to sports bras, high neck tanks or shirt, and yoga short or leggings.

Upon arrival, about 15 minutes before your scheduled class time, you will be greeted by one of our friendly staff members who will have you fill out a waiver and show you to the changing rooms. The classes follow a simple flow: a warm-up which includes stretching, cardio, and conditioning, followed by the drill and technique of the day, and ending with what we call «rolling» or sparring.

The Gi consists of a top kimono jacket, drawstring pants, and a belt. The No-Gi uniform consists of a rash guard and board shorts. In the Gi, we incorporate more “grips”, and in No-Gi, “hooks” are utilized more. What does this mean for the beginner? The Gi game is important to start in as it “slows down” the game of bjj as there are many more components that you can exploit and use for leverage. This is where you will find your technique and control, ultimately opening up more possibilities of attacks and movements.

We don’t offer MMA classes to the public. In order to attend this type of class, you must be a member of our academy for a significant amount of time. If you’re serious about this class, please express it to one of our coaches and please be extremely respectful towards everyone involved. This class is invite-only.

For adults, the belts ranks start at white, blue, purple, brown, and black. Kids usually have a color progression: white, grey, yellow, orange, and green. All belts follow a 4 stripe system as they advance between belts. Getting from one belt to the other contains a more subjective component, rather than a cookie-cutter one. The timeline depends on several factors, but it can range between 1-4 years between each belt. Ultimately, the goal of any Martial Artist is Black Belt, but getting there takes a lot of time, patience, and endurance. And we invite you to take that journey with us.

Yes, we offer private classes in BJJ. To take private lessons with Prof. Roberto Descailleaux, please select that option from our contact form dropdown. Click here to be redirected to our Pricing page.

If you go out of town, you can freeze your membership at no cost. All you have to do is fill out a «freeze form» at the academy and provide us with a return date. Your membership payments will automatically go into effect upon your return.

No. The majority of people who learn and train Jiu-Jitsu do not compete. Of course, competition can be a reason to set goals and a great way to challenge and test yourself. We encourage anyone who wants to compete to do so, but there is no expectation or requirements to do it. Come learn, get in shape and enjoy the sport. You can decide later if you’d like to compete.


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